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Your Ultimate Guide to Pet Play by Ducky Doolittle

It is a typical gag in almost every way; a leather strap and buckle closure, but instead of having a ball, ring or bit, this gag has a perfectly formed silicone dog bone attached. Welcome to the kinky world of pet play!

What is the pet play fetish?

Pet play involves one or more individuals dropping their inhibitions and acting as an animal. A few of the identities people may take on include kitty, bunny, puppy, pony, piggy, cow, fox, wolf, or even a mythical unicorn.

The ways in which people play can be as soft, sweet, cuddly, and playful as a person chooses. Or the play can be as hard, rough, and humiliating as one chooses. This kink crosses all genders, orientations, and you will find it thrives with BSDM enthusiasts.

Typically, the submissive partner will be the animal and the dominant partner will be the “owner” or “trainer.” Occasionally you will hear of the dominant being the animal and dominating their submissive by hunting their “prey,” stalking, overpowering, or holding the submissive down. Sometimes two or more “pets” will play together.

Of course, all this roleplaying is done with consent. If the scenes or roles are intense, we highly recommend negotiating in advance to ensure everyone gets what they need and desire.

Is Pet Play Normal?

While not everyone engages in pet play, history proves these desires are not

uncommon. There are many ancient myths and erotic tales where humans take on the attributes of animals. Evidence of pony play is traceable through erotic art dating back to the Bronze Age. Pony play is documented in British erotica of the 1800s.

Pet play enthusiasts are often inspired by movie, television, comic book characters like Cat Woman or Wolverine. You also see elements displayed in Anime comics and at cosplay conventions.

Some people will wear cute bunny ears and fluffy, vibrating bunny tail butt plugs, a look and feel made famous by Playboy Bunnies.

Why Do People Engage in Pet Play?

Pet play allows players to:

  • Let go and lose inhibitions.
  • Tap into their instincts.
  • Escape the reality of their day to day lives.
  • Indulge in their sexual imagination and fantasies.
  • Play with power, dominance, submission, masochism, and physical endurance.

How Can I Engage in Pet Play?

It depends upon your natural persuasions.

Keeping your pet nude except for a collar and leash is quite common when playing with your pet. A collar and leash are helpful when engaging in obedience training or teaching your pet tricks.

You can get creative by attaching your leash to their penis, or balls

People who like to play the part of a kitty or cat might wear kitten ears and engage in being pampered, cared for, pet and cuddled. Others will wear a sexy cat suit and long nails or sharp gloves to drive adrenalin and stimulate the skin of their partner.

Dogs and puppies will sometimes wear a pup hood and muzzle with a butt plug tail

You can also play in all the familiar ways one plays and interacts with a house pet. For example, you can:

  • Reward your sweet puppy with treats when they are good
  • Make them pee outside (if your property will accommodate this.)
  • Lock them in a large kennel to keep them off your furniture.
  • Make them beg for food and eat from a bowl on the floor. 

Many people enjoy playing the part of a show pony and wearing equestrian gear.

You can train your pony by having them wear a bit gag and beautiful leather body harnesses, like this body harness for individuals with a penis

It can be fun to use a crop as you train your pony. You can truly turn them into a show pony by refining their posture with the use of arm binders and a posture collar

You must not forget that every horse needs a long, flowing tail. Ponytail butt plugs come in many colors, like blonde, brunette, or even a beautiful purple ponytail butt plug!

Quite different from pony play, some people prefer to be a human cow. Their owners may use a penis pump or a breast pump to milk their cow.

Still other people prefer donning the persona of a wild animal, like a fox or a wolf. These players forgo the sweet cuddliness of a pet and play in more rough, primal ways; biting and ravishing their partners for fun!

Does Pet Play Always Involved Sex?

Nope. Pet play may involve things like sex and penetration, or the players may choose not to engage in sexual play and just roleplay in less explicit ways.

Wherever you may fall on the spectrum of kinky play, please remember Naughty Betty’s is here to help you find the gear and inspiration to bring your desires to life!

Ducky DooLittle is the author of Sex with The Lights On: 200 Illuminating Sex Questions Answered. Her press appearances include HBO's Real Sex, The Morning Show, MTV, NPR, The Howard Stern Show, Playboy TV, to name a few. And her Youtube videos have attracted more than 1.5 million views.